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Adding video to your website. More people now have access to digital video creation, websites, and high speed Internet access and it's natural to want to post video clips onto business or personal websites. Its becoming normal now to watch television programmes on the internet and even stream full length movies to view through your web browser. Even so to upload a movie to web server is still a slow process and everytime it was viewed through a website is using up valuble allocated bandwidth. There is a solution we upload video to You Tube and then embed it in your website.
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 Creating your Web Video
You might want a promotional clip advertising your business or just a business process you want to show to potential clients. It might be footage of a past or future event that you want interested parties to view.
The solution might be to simply point and record with your mobile phone video camera. Or you might require a fully edited professional video with text and voiceovers created from a storyboard system and our digital video editing software after using to professionally film your video footage.
The final edited digital video would then be then used on your website but also can be burnt onto DVDs to play on computer, televison and projector screens.
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  Watch this Web Video Example
A professional digitally filmed and edited video
which as well as playing on your website but
also burnt onto professional DVDs to send to
your potential clients.

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